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Friendly Giants: Krabi Elephant Riding Camp is a thrilling paradise located just a few minutes from the beautiful Ao Nang beach and framed by the towering peaks of the Krabi region.

Explore the beautiful countryside on these majestic animals as you feel the rush of adrenaline on our exhilarating Elephant Riding.

Experience unforgettable moments as you feed and play with beautiful parrots, admiring their bright plumage and listening to their upbeat chattering.

Get ready to have your heart stolen by our lovely Baby Elephant Dancing Show, as these tiny pachyderms enchant you with their playful dances and unmistakable attractiveness.

Experience the perfect balance of nature and yourself as you feed the elephants and marvel at their elegance and majesty up close.

Just a short distance from Ao Nang beach, Friendly Giants transports you to the heart of Krabi’s mountainous interior, setting the stage for an amazing experience.

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